Monday, October 11, 2010

2009 Scottish local authority food testing report

A Report by the Scottish Food Enforcement Liaison Committee’s
Research Working Group:- 2009 local authority food testing report.

National Britannia BRC Suspension

BRC Suspension of NB Certification
The BRC formally suspended BRC recognition of NB Certification (also known as
National Britannia) from auditing against all BRC Global Standard certification
schemes on the 24th September 2010.
The Accreditation of NB Certification has also been suspended by their Accreditation
Body UKAS.
The BRC Compliance Manager Karen Betts will be working closely with NB
Certification to review certification processes and ensure that appropriate additional
safeguards have been put in place to ensure the integrity of the BRC scheme.
It is anticipated that a further audit will be undertaken by UKAS in early November to
review the corrective action put in place and establish if the suspension can be lifted.
The swift action taken by the BRC underlines the importance which is placed on the
absolute integrity of the BRC scheme and emphasises the value of complaints and
feed back from users of the schemes in support of our compliance activities.
Consequences of this action:-
Sites with audits pending
NB Certification are not permitted to undertake BRC audits whilst suspended.
Sites with audits currently planned during the suspension period will be contacted by
NB Certification. NB Certification will undertake to work closely with such clients and
to offer to them as an option the provision of accredited audit services using another
BRC recognised accredited certification body. Dispensation will be allowed for a delay
of up to 28 days in the audit dates to accommodate this process.
Audited sites who have not yet been issued with a certificate
NB Certification are not permitted to issue accredited certificates whilst suspended.
This will result in a delay in the issue of certificates whilst suspension remains in
place. Once suspension is lifted sites within the certification process may then be
issued with an accredited certificate. The BRC have made major retailers aware of
the potential for delay in certification. Sites may choose to restart the certification
process with another BRC recognised and accredited certification body if they so wish.
Existing certificated sites
A review has been undertaken of the processes operated by NB Certification to
ensure the validity of currently issued certificates. At this stage there is no reason to
doubt the validity of these certificates and the certificates will be valid for the
duration of the certificate.
When will suspension be lifted ?
The suspension can only be lifted once corrective actions have been put in place and
BRC and UKAS are satisfied that certification processes are again operating
satisfactorily. An audit is scheduled for the beginning of November which will
establish if suspension can be lifted.
For further information contact
NB Certification
+ 44 2920 856509
Karen Betts
Compliance Manager
Tel 020 78548935